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INDeco Hotels Swamimalai

INDeco Hotels Swamimalai is a beautiful home built around late 1800s. An entire village of the 1800 has been restored carefully to create this unique heritage hotel for you. This hotel is India 's only winner of the Global Eco Tourism Award. INDeco Hotels Swamimalai contains three restaurants and many more dining spaces. There are 30 individually and ethnically designed comfortable suites at INDeco Hotels Swamimalai and no two rooms are similar. This is one of the finest Heritage Hotel facility available in the whole of Tanjore and is the best point to visit and is the best place to stay to visit destinations like Tanjore,Chidambaram etc.

INDeco Hotels Swamimalai is the confluence of leisure, heritage, health, nature, aesthetics, spirituality, fine arts and fun that creates harmony for the body, mind and soul. Being a heritage hotel, the room sizes vary from 150 sqft to 500 sqft.

Over the years, INDeco Hotels Swamimalai has inspired a million tourist, not only as a hotel but as a lifestyle product and has emerged as a destination by itself. The lobby of the hotel is so inspiring and the reception is so warm. INDeco Hotels Swamimalai was once known as Anandham Swamimalai and houses The STEVE BORGIA INDIAN HERITAGE MUSEUM titled “ Museum of Tamil lifestyle, heritage, beliefs and practices”.

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